Tablet Monitor
  • On the 22 inch FULL HD resolution screen, the pressure recognition pen make user feel free and tender writing sense in every e-Learning educational environments that needs blackboard writing.

Features Setup File Download EzBoard Patch Manual.PDF

    • 1. Wireless Free Pen
    • 2. 21.5 inch LED Samsung panel
    • 3. 1024 levels
    • 4. Adjustable angle of the stand
Smart EZ Tablet, What’s different?
  • write directly on the monitor screen,
    quickly work
  • You can write directly on the monitor screen, and you can more precisely and quickly work on PC menus and manipulation of each application through the fast input screen, and EZ-Tablet also enables you to directly put real-time memo or education.
  • Providing free writing sense of wireless pen
  • The battery-free wireless digital pen guarantees free shift and trust. This provides high recognition speed as with accurate pressure recognition. It enables soft and free electronic input.
  • A wireless digital pen which recognizes 1024 levels of pressure
  • Electromagnetic technology is applied in the wireless digital pen which recognizes 1024 levels of pressure so you can write with it precisely as if you are writing on a paper and fast and precise pen recognition technology enables you to write comfortably on the screen.
  • Full HD LED (1920x1080) resolution
  • The 22 inch screen ideal educational environment with a broad view and vivid resolution and can be utilized in various fields. It express various colors with great details, and guarantees clear and vivid resolution in a fast-moving video without afterimages.
  • Light, easy, and smart blackboard writing program EZBoard
  • It is compatible with all electronic blackboard / blackboard writing monitor. EZ-board is a light and easy board writing program that we thought once more in the position of teachers before designing.
    Blackboard writing program, EZBoard is developed by EarZone and it can be used in every screen to write (PPT, PDF, Hangeul, web document, and etc.) and support various recording formats (aiv, wmv, mp4).
EZ-Board Software

For example of using the stand

Product name and connection design

Screen automatic adjustment / shifting top and bottom menu
∨ - (Vol Down) : Down
∧ + (Vol Up) : Up
MENU : menu and select
POWER : on/off

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item Details
Working method LED Back-light (TFT LCD Module)
Screen Size 476.64(H) x 268.11(W)mm (21.5 inch)
Input D-sub*1 (15-pin/analogue RGB), DVI*1, HDMI*1, USB*1
Power pressure DC 12V / 3A
Display color 16.7M(Hi-FRC) Color
Brightness 250cd/m2
Contrast ratio 1000 : 1
Response speed 5ms
Back light White LED method
Max. Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel
Writing density ±0.01mm
Writing resolution 1280lpi
Weight 5.23Kg
Size 515.3mm(W) * 329.3mm(H) * 44.1mm(D)
Writing method Electromagnetic handwriting
Writing speed Approximately180 points per second
Interface USB
Tablet pen Free battery pen
Pressure level 1024 levels
Product Constitution