• Offering EZ-500 model’s basic function, EZ-Cam TTS brought a new innovation to the digital visualizer industry by offering optical character recognition (OCR) function and Text-to-Speech (TTS) function.

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    • 1. OCR(Optical Character Reader)
    • 2. TTS(Text To Speech)
    • 3. 5.0 Mega pixel
    • 4. Auto Focus
What kind of functions does the digital visualizer EZ-Cam 500TTS have?
  • Image capture
  • In the digital visualizer mode, you can capture an image with just one simple click on the mouse, or you can capture screens, monitors, webpages and store document as an image by capturing it.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • It is recognizing characters of scanned image, web image, and text file and transforming into a text file with letters alive in it.
  • Actual native speaker’s pronunciation (TTS)
  • It offers overall 4 different voices with Korean, English, male/female, and you can utilize it as an example question for listening tests and you can transform/store it into a voice file, so it can be used as the source of voice for various class materials
  • Making class materials with various contents
  • You can better utilize class materials by making smart e-Learning lecture contents and learning contents, sharing, and distributing them. With the contents function, this program package enables you to create and share materials whenever you want.
What do they mean by OCR · TTS?
  • 1. EZ-CamTTS recognizes characters on the textbook
  • 2. Set the areas to read.
  • 3. With OCR function, it recognizes and transforms pictures into characters
  • 4. With TTS function, it reads the transformed characters in a native speaker’s voice.
  • * OCR : Short for Optical Character Reader

    It refers to a function which recognizes image characters on a document into text.
  • * TTS : Short for Text To Speech

    It refers to a function to change text into voice of a female or a male.
EZ-Cam500 TTS, What’s different?
  • With Optical Character Reader (OCR) engine, it can recognize text from Korean, English image transform them into characters.
  • It recognizes characters (English, Korean) and read them in various voices (TTS). If offers male and female voice for each Korean and English (4 voices).
  • You can adjust reading speed and set poses. You can store voice transformed with EZ-TTS to WAV file.
  • It offers USB KeyLock, so you can use EZ-TTS functions freely in every computer.
  • With e-Learning lecture contents making and learning contents making, sharing, and distributing function, you can better utilize class materials.
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Patent · certification
GS certification acquisition
National certification system to guarantee the quality of domestic software
Under the test system which resembles the actual operation environment when the product is actually used, the product’s (software, user manual, product manual) quality is certificated.
Patent acquisition
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The Grand Prize from the Minster of the Ministry
    of Education, Science and Technology
Won the Grand Prize from the Minster of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2008 International Exhibition on E-learning, E-Learning Expo Korea
The Excellence Award in Small and Medium
    Businesses Technology Innovation Contest
In the 10th Small and Medium Businesses Technology Innovation Contest, it showed an excellent achievement and won the Excellence Award.
Items Specification
Product Name Digital Visualizer and Reading Image Recognizer Teaching System
Model Name EZ-500tts
Camera Sensor 1/4 inch CMOS Sensor
Resolution 5.0 Mega pixel (2592 x 1944)
Lens F2.6 , 8cm, 65.1°
Focus Automatic
Zoom Digital zoom(5X)
Light Built-in LED
Software EZ-CAM 500, EZ-TTS
Size & Weight 120 x 225 x 110mm, 1.2kg
Interface USB 2.0
Product Constitution