• The world’s first digital visualizer and reading image recognizer, EZ-Cam innovated the digital visualizer industry with various and strong functions, amazing convenience, and super-small design.

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    • 1. 5.0 Mega pixel
    • 2. Auto Focus Camera
    • 3. Portable EZ-Cam
    • 4. industry's number one
Earzone’s specialized product, EZ-Cam. What’s different?
  • High resolution with 5.0mega pixel and automatic focus
  • EZ-Cam’s resolution does not decrease when connected with a computer, and unlike other companies’ digital visualizers that does not have auto focusing and mouse scroll zoom functions, EZ-Cam offers both soft-zoom and auto focusing functions, and it can simply adjust focus using the shortcut key (F5).
  • One Click - Video shooting, image capture
  • In digital visualizer mode, you can capture an image or shoot a video of a class presentation with just one mouse click during class. Also, simple image editing is possible so you can utilizing it when making class materials.
  • Mouse wheel - expand, reduce, move
  • With simple click on the icon or mouse wheel, you can expand or reduce image and you can move easily with mouse drag.
  • Writing on the board - Performs as an electronic blackboard by itself
  • With the electronic blackboard function included in EZ-Cam, you can see what you wrote on the blackboard through the icon, so you don’t have to move screens to write on the board and convenient and effective lecture is possible. EZ-Cam is a digital visualizer that goes well the most with the electronic blackboard system.
What is EZ-Cam500’s features?
  • - digital 5.0 mega pixel digital visualizer
  • - offers video recording voice (microphone built-in)
  • - easily used with USB power support
  • - offers various digital visualizer function
  • - uses one-body integrated joint structure cradle use
  • - high brightness LED Lamp use
  • - refined high glossy slim design
  • - easily used in small spaces with hinge structure with more
        joint flexibility
  • - decreased concern for disconnection with internal wiring
        arrangement of buried, separable USB cable
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The Grand Prize from the Minster of the Ministry
    of Education, Science and Technology
Won the Grand Prize from the Minster of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2008 International Exhibition on E-learning, E-Learning Expo Korea
The Excellence Award in Small and Medium
    Businesses Technology Innovation Contest
In the 10th Small and Medium Businesses Technology Innovation Contest, it showed an excellent achievement and won the Excellence Award.
Items Specification
Product Name Digital Visualizer and Reading Image Recognizer Teaching System
Model Name EZ-500
Camera Sensor 1/4 inch CMOS Sensor
Resolution 5.0 Mega pixel (2592 x 1944)
Lens F2.6 , 8cm, 65.1°
Focus Automatic
Zoom Digital zoom(5X)
Light Built-in LED
Software EZ-CAM 500, EZ-TTS
Size & Weight 120 x 225 x 110mm, 1.2kg
Interface USB 2.0
Product Constitution